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Who We are and what we offer. Here is a detailed summary of btc official wallet organization.

What Is is an open source website: Used to create Offline wallet addresses for Bitcoin. The reason behind the huge usage of our Platform is security. We don't store your data.

Why Should I Use This Site? is based on open-sourced Released under the MIT license. With us, you can create a very secured bitcoin offline wallet to store your BTC for a long time through cold storage and bitcoin deep cold storage methods. We offer you the creation of Bitcoin Paper wallets, and ready to print paper wallets for BTC. You can get a bitcoin offline wallet in one click and another click will download your wallet in PDF form. You can skip the download and can direct print out by click on the print button.


  • World best Private key generator for BTC
  • One click printable Bitcoin wallet generator and easy to download PDF form.
  • Generate both Keys and Bar Code for easy access to your wallet through both options.
  • We Don't track you and we don't store your information on our data base.
  • Its free with alot of features. We don't have any premium version.
  • Free tips to secure wallets addresses generated with

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